Data Curation & Management

Carefully vetted talent, specialized in US home appliances

We have trained & deployed over 1000 individuals

Serving our clients in the home management & repair industry for the last 8 years
Full Project Setup
We will provide you support in defining your exact needs - from start to finish.

Purpose-Built Teams

We quickly assemble a team especially customized for your specific demands

Rigorous Training

Continuously evolving in-house training system built over a period of 7 years

Data Curation Experts

A top-notch team with exemplary skills crafted to fulfill your needs
Rapidly Staffed Projects
Our hiring & training mechanism ensures your team is up and running in no time
What can you get with a Model Number
There is a lot to an appliance. We find it all.
Our Process
This is how we get your projects completed in time:
  • Specify your goals
  • Implement virtual interaction with your team
  • Use software tools to collaborate
  • Track their productivity
  • Implement a task and results-focused approach
Test drive one of our expert engineers
Get access to one of our resource and see for yourself how we achieve wonders for you in just 3 days!
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Featured Case Study

Industry-Leading Age Extraction System for products in the home

We developed an appliance age-determining system that can accurately figure out the age of any appliance. This system can tackle millions of appliances and can help determine the relevant subsequent information like life span, warranty details, and life expectancy...
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