Industry-Leading Age Extraction System for products in the home


Challenge/ Client Requirements

The Centriq app was launched to revolutionize home management. The aim was to make a homeowner’s life effortless and more efficient, by making it very easy to maintain & repair everything in the house through an app that provides all the necessary information at your fingertips.

One of the features Centriq was trying to develop was a system that could instantly provide the age of an appliance and subsequently identify the useful life remaining. This would help the homeowners realize how much more service they could expect from their appliances. 


To accomplish this, Centriq partnered with us,, who had previously worked with them for over 3 years. Our team conducted extensive research to understand the model number and serial number nomenclature of major US brands. We then developed a system to quickly decode the age of an appliance using information like serial numbers, model numbers, date codes, etc.

This system has been successfully integrated into Centriq’s web and mobile application, providing age and life expectancy statistics for hundreds of thousands of appliances, electronics, and HVAC systems. The system accurately determines the age of about 90% of assets submitted to the Centriq database.

Key Takeaway developed an appliance age-determining system that can accurately figure out the age of any appliance. This system can tackle millions of appliances and can help determine the relevant subsequent information like life span, warranty details, and life expectancy.