Technical support for customers provided by dedicated expert engineers


Client’s Background & Requirements

A leading online retailer of appliance parts and lawn equipment parts aimed to make it easier for the average person to be able to fix and repair their own appliances so they didn’t have to depend on professionals for every little bit of repair work, accumulating huge repair costs along the way.

For that, they sought to supply them with the best repair parts for every appliance and to top it up with information on the repair processes as well. Their goal was to ensure every user got the best parts for the best price, and as quick an access to them as possible.


We provide a dedicated technical customer support team to the client that deals with questions that their customers submit on their various websites. This allows the customers to have rapid responses to their queries regarding the issues they are facing with their appliances, and the parts they need to buy to fix them. Quick, helpful responses make customers out of prospects, and they return with more queries whenever they have any problems with their machinery as their trust builds.

Key Takeaway can provide rapid responses to customers’ immediate and urgent queries, leading to quick sales and stronger trust and reliance on our clients.