Home Maintenance

We can source data from hundreds of online sources and compile a database of over half a million products that will help your customers use, maintain, and troubleshoot all the products related to more than 10,000 brands in their home. Your customers tell you what they have, and we help you tell them how to get the best out if it.

What can you get with a Model Number?

With just the make and the model number, or even just a picture of a model number, we can provide:


Help your users make their own repairs and other decisions relating to their homeowner experience by providing them all the right information like helpful videos and documents right on their fingertips so they never have to turn to the confusion of the Internet.

Manuals and other digital documents

We comb through online resources to find all relevant manuals and documentation so your user has that information available at the tap of a button for all the products in their home. If it has an ‘on’ switch, we will find the manual for it. *

How-to and fix-it videos and tutorials

Find more than 400,000 videos from all over the Internet that answer all questions of the user, from the most basic to the most complex.


Source parts from the best and most credible online sources. Protect your users from having to find relevant replacement parts themselves and run the risk of getting the wrong parts. We also provide data on parts related to maintenance, accessories, and add-ons. We can populate a database for over 5 million parts and supplies.

Can work on Recalls

We can provide you a fully detailed and constantly updated database of recalled products so you can update your users with helpful information accordingly, protecting them from potential hazards.

Warranty Reports

We can keep track of all warranty information of your users and help you maintain quick access to the manufacturer contact information so your users have it handy for repairs.

Technical Customer Support

We can take care of all the technical issues that your customers have, like needing installation instructions, looking for parts, having issues in general, by providing you an API that directs all their questions submitted to your site to us where we take care of them as fast as possible.

Troubleshooting, Repair and Replacement FAQs database

We can create a database, and keep it updated, of all the questions that your users are likely to come across so they always have access to information without having to turn to the Internet.

Maintenance Notifications Database

We can curate the right kind of details for you that will subsequently allow you to send maintenance notifications to your users, thereby making their lives easier and their appliances better-maintained.

Inspection Reports and Data Compilation

We take inspection reports of your users and make them more usable, user friendly, more readable by creating thorough reports using the inspection data.

* In addition to over half a million manuals, we also locate quick start guides, warranties, energy usage tables, manufacturer support phone number and website, etc.

How ResourceX helped Encompass

A leading parts supplier envisioned to be the largest supplier of replacement parts and accessories of big and small appliances, home electronics, and the like. They were successful in that feat, and now provide access to over 8 million parts from over 200 manufacturers. Their largest multi-vendor parts inventory and 60+ years of experience in the industry is no mean feat.

How one of the largest repair parts suppliers was able to provide in-depth details about more than 8 million replacement parts and accessories affordably and efficiently

4 Key Challenges

Our Solution

We set up a dedicated and distributed team tailored specifically to handle this task. The team was to scrape and mine data and utilize it to deliver the end result to the client.

The Result

resourcex.io populated and managed the client’s e-commerce website with detailed data for millions of parts, hosted externally to keep the website functioning smoothly. Users of Encompass are provided with service manuals and exploded views accompanied with parts lists that allow them to understand exactly which repair part they need and to make a purchase within seconds.

This resulted in an elevated experience for the users of Encompass.

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